"2 : something of special value handed on from one generation to another " – Merriam-Webster Dictionary


on September 11, 2013

It has been twelve years since terrorists attacked America. That was an awful day for Americans. For an entire generation, we thought we were the greatest nation on the planet. Suddenly, we were no longer untouchable. Suddenly, swiftly, we were understood just how vulnerable we really were.

Grandma already knew that. She had already lived through two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq & Kuwait. She watched as brothers, nephews, grandsons and neighbors went into war zones and prayed and watched and waited.

So, when terrorists attacked the U.S. on 9/11, she understood the ripple effect of such an attack. She had seen this sort of thing before- too many times, in fact.

My mom and my aunts and uncles spent much of 9/11 with my grandma in the hospital emergency room, waiting for test results that were inconclusive. After several anxious hours, watching the endless news reports on television in the hospital waiting rooms, they were all sent home.

Grandma died early the next morning. Natural causes.

At a time when our nation was in a state of shock and mourning, our family was gathered together in love for our mother, our grandma, our aunt, our friend. And I think this was her last gift to us all, really. Grandma knew we needed each other at that time. She knew that the only thing that could see us through times like those, times like these, times like every day, was the love of family.

Evelyn, Jesse Conn, Gene, Dick, Don Norma, Shirley, Nancy 1945

Evelyn, Jesse Conn, Gene,
Dick, Don
Norma, Shirley, Nancy


4 responses to “9/11/2001~

  1. Kathleen R says:

    What a great memorial to the day. She lived through what we would never understand…until 9/11. I’m sure Pearl Harbor felt the same as 9/11 does to us.

  2. Cathy Schaefer says:

    I always considered Grandma a “casualty,” of sorts, of the 9-11 attacks. She loved her country so much…. I can’t help but wonder if the shock and horror of seeing America under attack wasn’t just more than her heart could handle at that point.

    • pattyo1984 says:

      I agree, Cathy. I think of her as a “silent victim” of the ripple effects of that attack. If memory serves me correctly, I was told that grandma was found peacefully in her bed, with her heart medication in her hand, opened but untaken. I think she just decided she had seen enough. Confident in her faith and hope in Christ, she left this broken world expectant of perfect love and peace.

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